Not spoiling your child, you are successful parent

When you go to the department store, grocery, and even in the train station, many times you will see some parents who get difficulties in controlling their children. Usually it happens when the children want to get certain items and the parents do not want to give or buy them. What will you do in that situation and many people look at you with your crying child? Will you be stronger and control your child? Or you will give what your child wants to have? This is difficult situation, indeed. What you have to know is you cannot let your child controls you too much. it is the same as spoiling and you know that this is not good for now and your child future.

Allowing your child to feel frustrated or shamed can be your choice although you do not feel happy also with that. Never think that it is the failure of your task as parents. No! On the other hand, you are considered as successful parents if you have the courage to discipline your child and apply the rules at home. Commonly the process is started when your child is about two years old. It may last long until she is ten or twelve years old. During this period, you will face many challenges that can make you in difficult situation. You have to be ready if your child thinks of you as cruel parent. In certain cases, you may let your child cries as loud as possible when she asks something improper like toys which are not educative, too many sweets, and many more. Your child has to know that she will get nothing although she cries hard. Something which is not allowed will be still not allowed. You are not supposed to be ashamed with what you are doing. Other people may judge you as cruel person but they do not know the reasons, right?

Moreover, setting the limit means you are educating your child not to be materialistic. Once, you may buy her some cakes and chocolates as reward of doing good deeds. But, always providing various materials items tend to make her ask more or again and again especially when your child is about seven to ten years old. She has to understand and satisfy with all her possession today. By doing this you are at the same time teach her to respect all her belongings. Many times, the desire of having certain items is that her friends already have those items and she doesn’t. Be consistent toward the rules you have set before. If something cannot be done by the elder, the younger child should be forbidden to do the same thing. This will avoid the envy feeling.