No more raising spoiled children

Many times you have heard that spoiled kids are not good many points of view. Perhaps, you also think how come a child can be so spoiled? Then, when you have a child, your turn is begin. Can you raise children properly without spoiling them? Basically, it is easy to know whether you are spoiling your child or not. If your child controls you more than you control her, it can be said that you are raising spoiled child. You cannot say no whenever she asks you something, or you will buy everything she wants to have. Indeed, it is not easy to say no because you love her very much. But, raising a spoiled one is not recommended also. You will be in the tough situation and sometimes you can become very sad to know that you cannot fulfill your child needs.

When your child is about two years old, you should start to set the rules and limits whether something is allowed to do or not. This is the crucial time because you cannot apply the rules strictly to the toddler less than two years old. She will understand command and be able to communicate to you better at the age of two. Rules will make your child become discipline and understand the routine. Simple example is the rule of snacking. She may get some snacks but not over snacking especially the sweet ones because it will ruin the meal time. If your child keeps yelling and crying to get more snacks, you need to be a little strict and be persistent. Again, you should not let your child control you. Time out may be given in this case.

Never think that giving time out means you do not love your child. Once you think that time out is bad for your child, it is the beginning of spoiling her. In this case, many parents believe that loving is the same as giving the children everything they want. No, that is totally wrong. It is surely dangerous if you apply this at home. It can be said that you let your child to break the house rules and discipline. Another simple example is letting your child to watch TV for hours in a day. Although what she watches is educative TV shows, you had better allocate two hours maximally a day for watching TV. Remember, there are more attractive, educative, and creative activities your child can do. Applying these simple examples will give positive result for you and your child.