let her be independence

It will be easy to find children who are spoiled by their parents in your neighborhood. They get something easily by crying and yelling to their parents. Of course, this must not happen in your home. Your child has to be raised properly, so that she is ready to go to school, interact with friends and teachers, study the lesson, and the more important is she has healthy self esteem and self confidence to meet life’s challenges. To reach these goals, you have to work very hard. Yes, it is hard because you have to set the rules and limits at home, even the simple one like putting back the toys to the box after playing. So, it depends on you whether you are ready to set rules and be good parent, or let your child control you and be awful parent.

Your only one choice is the first option. Set your mind and feeling that you have to avoid raising spoiled child. Remember the time when you were at school and had some terrible friends who were spoiled by their parents. This must not happen on your child. One thing you should apply on your parenting goal is training her to be independence in doing the daily activities. For example, your child has to be able to clean her plate without getting some mess, make her own bed, prepare the books and school tasks herself, get dressed well, put dirty clothes on the place properly, and many others. You may help her to finish the school homework when she has some difficulties, but you are forbidden to do your child’s homework.

If it is possible, you may let her do the simple household chores. Most children who were never allowed in doing household chores usually do not want to do the chores when they grow up. Notice the signs of her readiness in doing household tasks. Perhaps, she will be next to you when you wash the dishes, or she accompanies you while watering the flowers. Start teaching your child to hold the hose carefully. Give the chance for her to play with water for a few minutes and whoalla….she will be able to water the flowers. Give her opportunity to do that once or twice in a week. You can also ask her to tidy up the laundry, slice and wash the vegetables, and wipe the windows. At the first stage, you should not let her handle something connected to the electricity and fire. You will be very happy and you have to know that your child is happier and prouder more than you feel. This is the start of being good parent who do not let the child not to be spoiled.