Appreciating your active child

All children are born to be active and creative. When your child is able to walk for the first time, you and your couple will be very happy. But, do you know that your toddler also feels happy? Notice the smile and laugh on her face as the signs of happiness for being able to walk. Later, she will run and be more active physically. This is the natural process your child has to follow in her life. Being active physically makes your child healthier and able to explore more things. Then, what you should do as parents?

The first thing you need to notice is your child interest. She may be interested in sport, outdoor activities, indoor activities, or what? Guide your child to do the positive activities. If she likes painting or drawing, provide her with proper painting tools. Joining painting class can be done to increase her capacity. In case your child likes singing, you should not be angry when she likes to sing almost all day long. Her voice perhaps is not good enough, but you need to realize that it makes her happy and express her feeling. Furthermore, you need to think more about the safety and comfort when your child likes to do outdoor activities. For example, if your child likes to take a walk or jog, you need to provide comfortable shoes or sandals. Jacket and hat may be needed in colder days.

Your child bedroom should be designed based on her characters as active child. She needs proper mattress to have good night sleep. Since she is very active you need to choose the stronger bed and make sure you get the right size. Too small bed can make her fall because she will keep being active while sleeping. Above all, the most important thing is that she needs to feel comfortable in her room. Active child has spent the day with all activities that can make her feel exhausted. Therefore, she deserves to get comfortable room for sleeping and taking a rest at night. It can be said that providing room is the way you appreciate her for being very active, creative, and healthy.