Already raised spoiled child? What to do?

In raising your child, you will maximize your effort and passion, so that your child can get what she needs. You will keep your eye on her as much as you can as the part of your love. However, sometimes you even do not realize that you always say yes to whatever she wants. You purchase what she points you and fulfill her needs too much. Perhaps it happens because you are afraid that your child will not love you or cry in front of many people. You feel sorry while she is crying for not having what she wants. Moreover, you are also afraid that people surround you will think that you cannot raise a child well since she cries too much.

Well, you had better realized soon that you apply the wrong method in raising your child. If you never realize it, you will keep raising spoiled child because you are spoiling her continuously. Actually, you are not alone in this case. Many other parents argue that they are not spoiling but they love their children very much. So, it is you who have to change your mind and point of view. You also have to change your attitude and behavior in raising your child. She will not be able to change if she lives with parents who love spoiling her. Remember, your child will be fine if you do not buy another doll, sweets, chocolate, dresses, and others simply because she has already had them all. If you go to the grocery and your child wants to have unhealthy snacks, say no in advance. Give reasons that your child can understand.

In the beginning, you may be sad and cry for feeling guilty not fulfilling what your child wants. But, do not keep these negative feelings because you are doing the best for both of you. Letting her cry once or twice in a week will be fine and she will know later that she won’t always get everything. Do not say sorry because it will make you look weak in front of her. Once she notices your weakness, she will do certain actions to control the situation. Then, be stronger because the beginning process will be so tough. You have to deal with something you never experience before. The important point is you educate your child not to be spoiled girl and at the same time you educate yourself to be good parent.